Janelle sent me an email suggesting an awesome gift for moms. The products it is called Epiphany Massager.

Epiphany Massager

Below you have Janelle’s review.

I think the Epiphany Massager is such an awesome gift this year because it outshines all the rest! If your mom thinks she’s seen them all, used them all… she should think again! Buy this for her and she is going to LOVE it! I know I love mine! I have always loved using self massagers, but I always had to struggle to reach certain trouble areas on my back or neck. I got so fed up, until I found this little treasure, the Epiphany Massager! The unique curved design allows you to apply pressure and position as needed.

Watch the video and buy the product here: www.epiphanymassager.com

I love how much control you have with it, and everyone on Christmas morning will too! Pick one up today before they’re out of stock for the Holidays!