Moving into a new house is especially exciting for a first time homeowner. To recognize this achievement, it would be nice for a friend or family member to send a gift. Here are five gifts that will be appropriate to give to a first time homeowner.

Five Gifts for The First Time Home Owner

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1. Monogrammed Doormat.

The entryway is the first place that anyone will see when going into the house. A monogrammed doormat is very special because it is customized. It will make the homeowner proud that a part of his or her name will be seen at the front door. It is also a way to keep the inside of the house a bit cleaner as well.

2. Window Treatments.

Every window in the home will need some sort of window treatment. To give privacy and act as an accent in a room, a nice window treatment is essential. These items can be costly, so it will be a great gift idea. Window treatments come in various styles, sizes, and designs. For more information, visit us online for a wide selection.

3. Custom Painting or Photograph.

Artwork is often something that gets forgotten during a move, especially for a first time homeowner. It can be hard enough to select furniture that fits well into the space. To fill a room with a personal touch, a nice painting or special photograph will definitely turn an ordinary house into a home.

4. Return Address Stamper.

Even though email and the Internet is a popular way to communicate, there will be times when "snail mail" will need to be sent. Instead of writing an address by hand on the envelope, it would be great to own a personalized address stamper. This gift is quite unique and will come in handy for years to come.

5. Tool Kit.

When people live in an apartment, few things will need to be maintained without the help of a landlord. However, when a person owns a home, there are always small items that may require repairs. Having a tool kit will be extremely helpful, especially when it is filled with the basics. There are many times when a screwdriver is necessary or a hammer is needed to hang something onto the wall.

The above examples are just a few things that would make good gifts for a new homeowner. Moving into a house is a large responsibility. These items may help the transition go a bit smoother.

By Annette Hazard