‘Learning by playing’ – this is exactly what babies do. Babies play with their toys and when it first rattles, the smile that appears on their face is just precious!

During early infancy, babies use their mouth and hand for exploring new objects. Right? This stimulates their sense of feel and touch, which is very crucial for early development in a child’s life. That is why different organizations, dealing with baby toys, have invented small yet safe toys like baby rattle. This is the best way to encourage your kid to touch, listen and look.

A Wonderful Educational Tool

Rattles for babies give them the option to learn what effect they will have on objects and also on the external world. Soon your baby learns that whenever he will shake his rattle, it will make a noise. Later on, after much experimentation, he learns that banging the rattle will make a different sound altogether and also that shaking the rattle quickly or slowly will keep on changing the sound. So, you see rattles helps in multiple ways.


Image source Chicken Shaped Baby Rattle

A Great Medium for Exploring Sound

Rattles offer a fantastic way of discovering sound. You can gift your daughter with diverse types of rattles so that she learns to make different kinds of noises. When bub keeps on hearing these sounds, her catalogue of sound expands in her brain. This is great for her mental development!

A Superb Mode of Learning Words

You can help you baby with language development with a baby rattle. Wondering how this can be possible? Add names to the different kinds of sounds produced by the rattle and your baby gradually learns your language. You can develop skills by playing with your baby.

A Good Way of Training Memory

Put the different varieties of rattles in one single basket. This will help you baby recognize and identify the varieties of sounds each one of the rattles make. Hence, memory skills develop by its own. In this case, the general tenacity of the baby is to grab one she likes the most.


Image source Rattles for Babies

An Excellent Tool for Motor Skill Development

Rattles are an effective tool in developing motor skills. When your baby grasps her favorite toy or rattles and shakes it to hear sound, her motor skills improves automatically. Manipulating her rattle to make it work helps in his hand-eye coordination and in turn strengthens her little wrists, palms and fingers.

A Comfortable Toy for Babies

The shaking noise trapped in a toy gives new dimensions to development benefits of rattles. Babies like to stare at friendly and soft faces. They love to enjoy the emotional comfort associated with familiar friends. If a baby loves a rattle very much, then she would like to keep it all the time.

Rattles for Babies induces in them the sense of invention and discovery. They always try to shake then rattle in a different way to check the different kinds of sounds. The varieties of rattles fascinate a child very much and give them the perfect opportunity to explore new things.

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