Subscriptions make great gifts for everyone on your list! From the smallest toddler to the grouchiest Scrooges, you are sure to find something that makes your gift memorable with subscriptions. Much like gift cards, subscriptions make it easy for your gift to be enjoyed at the receiver’s leisure and in the way that will please them best. However subscriptions are more personal than just giving them cash and show that you are really thinking about them and their interests. No matter what their ages or interests are, you can find a subscription that they will love. Here are some ideas, divided by gender:


Many men are very difficult to shop for. They have limited interests, expensive hobbies, or just have everything they need and want already. That is why subscriptions are such a great gift for men. Not only is it easy to find an affordable subscription you can give them but it is also easy to buy these subscriptions online and even send them in the mail so you do not have to go through the hassle of wrapping and shopping. Here are some ideas that many men would enjoy:

· Sports Magazines – Many men enjoy watching and participating in sports. From baseball and basketball to hockey, boxing and soccer there are tons of sports out there and even more magazines about sports. Treat your sport’s fan to a year’s subscription of their favorite magazine. They can catch up on the latest news, learn more about their favorite athletes, or find out where they can become part of the game. If you are not sure what sports they like, try Sports Illustrated or another similar magazine with a wide range of sports. After all, bathroom reading material is always needed!

· Hobby Magazines –Another great way to show your interest in their hobbies is with a hobby magazine. From dirt biking to fishing to tinkering or hunting there are all kinds of hobby magazinesavailable. The man can catch up on the latest gadgets and gizmos in tech magazines, find out how to make his sport’s car louder and faster, or just see what the newest fishing boat goes for. Even interests like history or science can have great subscription potential. Who doesn’t like to learn about the newest and best things out there?

· Game Console Subscriptions – If your man is a gamer then why not support his habit with a game console subscription. You can buy one month, three month, six month or even yearlong subscriptions online or in many stores. As long as you know what console your gamer plays your gift is sure to be a hit. You can also buy game points that can be used in many ways.

· Premium Channel Subscriptions – If the man is a fan of sports, movies, or any other television then you can be a hero if you buy them a subscription to the premium channels. Many television service providers are happy to help you set up a package that will fit your man’s preferences and keep him happy for several months. You can also get him a subscription to online viewing with sites like Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon. He can watch thousands of movies and TV shows with just the click of his mouse!

· Shopping Club Discount Cards – Go big or go home. Many men love to shop at discount warehouses like Costco or Sam’s Club. Be a hero and pay for a year or two’s subscription to their discount card. He can stock up on the necessities and check out the great discounted deals on electronics and more.

· Food of the Month –For the foodies out there you can definitely find a great subscription. From exclusive items like caviar to tasty treats like sausage and smoked fish there are tons of food subscriptions you can buy. You can even promote healthier eating habits with things like a fruit of the month club. There are also ways that you can send whole meals to those single men who eat out far too often. Make their meal time a time to think about your generous gift!

· Drink of the Month – For those with a taste for wine and merriment, a drink of the month club may be the way to go. From fine wines to a variety of small batch brewed beers, your subscription will not go unnoticed. You can also get coffee and tea subscriptions for those caffeine addicts.

· Fitness Club – Speaking of prompting healthy habits, you can also get the man a subscription to a local gym. Help him to stay fit and in shape the easy way. Working out and feeling good is always a great gift!


Although women are typically easier to buy for then men it can still be a difficult proposition. After all there are so many variables to contend with. Silver or gold? Clothing sizes? Personal preference can change from day to day with women and that makes it hard to know what to get her. However there are some things that few women will pass up. Here are some subscriptions you can give that are sure to wow her:

· Fashion Magazines –What woman doesn’t want to stay current in the fashion world? From crazy styles to sleek dresses and high heeled shoes there is always something new to look at. Fashion magazines help women to stay up to date in the colors and styles of the fashion world and are also just fun to look at. There are tons of magazines out there, so find one that matches your girl’s style sense.

· Gossip Magazines – Another big draw is the latest gossip on the rich and famous. I don’t know what the draw is, but many women seem fascinated by the lives of celebrities. If your woman is interested in this kind of thing than a magazine subscription to People might be just what the doctor ordered.

· Health and Beauty Magazines –Another type of magazine that women love are ones on health and beauty. From healthy cooking magazines to beauty tips and tricks you can’t go wrong picking out a magazine in this category. Make sure it matches her style and age and you are set to go. You can also do seasonal magazines that help the inner decorator come out!

· Beauty Clubs –From lipstick to blush and eyeliner women always seem to be touching something up. Why not give her a little help and get her a subscription to a beauty club. With discounts on a variety of products and even free samples she can find a new style that she loves without breaking the bank.

· Hair Help –Another way to help her stay well-coiffed is to give her the gift of hair styling. It helps if you know who her stylist is beforehand, but even if you don’t it is easy to pick a great salon and get her set up with some styling help. Pay for a year’s worth of highlights or haircuts and she can have her hair looking good without breaking a sweat.

· Spa Treatment – Speaking of breaking a sweat, a spa is a great place to unwind and relax after a stressful day. I don’t know a woman who would turn down an hour or a day’s worth of pampering. From pedicures and manicures to massages and mud baths there is always something new at the spa to relax and enjoy.

· Workout Routine – Staying fit is also important to many women. You can get her a subscription to the local gym, pay for some sessions with a personal trainer, or sign her up for a fun fitness class like Zumba or yoga.

· Mother’s Day Out – If she is a mom then I know she could use some time to herself. Make it easy for her to have a date night or just hang out with the girls by giving her a few free visits from a babysitter.

· Discount Shopping –From big box stores like Costco to exclusive online retailers there are many ways you can help her to enjoy shopping with a discount. Check out where she loves to shop and see if you can’t find a way to let her shop with a discount through your subscription.

· Food of the Month – Like men, women also love to eat! From delicate dishes to hearty home cooked meals there is always a food that will be a hit. Fruit of the month or organic veggies are a great pick for the health conscious. For the more adventurous you can try exotic delicacies from around the world. Or for chocoholics there is even a chocolate of the month club!

· Drink of the Month – Wine is big on many women’s lists as a favorite gift. From entertaining to a relaxing night in, wine and other drinks can be a great subscription to give her. She can try new flavors and an assortment of labels without having to break the bank.

As you can see there are many great subscription gift ideas out there. Check out what you can find online or in stores to make your gift really stand out!

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