It’s a universally accepted fact that men are hard to buy for. Unlike their female counterparts, men are often nonverbal about their wishes, whether it’s because as the "strong, silent type" they prefer to keep to themselves or because they prefer to buy gadgets and tools on their own terms. Still, a difficult recipient offers a challenge that’s worth undertaking. Getting the right gift for that special guy in your life is rewarding on a couple of levels: first, he’ll appreciate the gesture, and second, you’ll have nailed down one of the most difficult tasks in gift-giving. Let’s take a look at some of the best gifts for the man who has everything (and won’t tell you what he wants).

Best Gifts For That Man Who Has Everything

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Gadgets & Gizmos A-Plenty

Men like electronics. They like fiddling with wireless routers and flipping through the channels on a high-tech tv remote control. Even if your guy has "everything," chances are he still wants more. The male brain craves problems to solve. Opt for gadgets that really make him think or that present a solvable challenge. He’ll enjoy the hours he spends trying to fix it. If you opt for a new smartphone, consider including international plans so he can call his foreign friends and family.

Hobby-Specific Gifts

Does your guy build model airplanes? Does he hunt, fish or climb mountains? Addressing his specific hobbies says two things about you: you listen when he talks, and you know what he likes. If you get him something he really enjoys, like a new putting club, a dartboard or a gift card to his favorite restaurant, he’ll appreciate the thought you put into it.

Unique Experiences

Perhaps your guy isn’t overly fond of adventure, but he might appreciate the gesture of something unique for his gift. With sites like LivingSocial and Groupon offering discounted adventure experiences, you’ll find something to suit his individual preferences while still pushing him a little outside his comfort zone. It’s a gift that keeps on giving: once he decides to try skydiving or that new sketchy Indian place downtown, he may decide to take you on that trip to Paris after all.

Choosing the right gift for a guy who has everything might sound daunting, but in reality, you know what he likes and what he doesn’t. Push the envelope just a bit and introduce him to new ideas while still respecting his tastes. You never know what will happen when you find him the right gift.