Whenever friends get pets, initially you may feel jealous. But after going over things you need to consider before getting a pet, you realize that you’re not quite ready to make the commitment just yet. You then do the next best thing by doting on the puppy that your friend has recently adopted so you can practice your pet caring skills. If your pal is a first-time pet owner, you can show your support through one of these gift ideas.

The Basics

Food is one of the very basic things you can gift a first-time pet owner friend. However, it would be best that you leave this in your friend’s hands as only the veterinarian or the breeder can recommend what is the best type of chow for his pet, which depends on its age as well as size and heath. What you can get instead are food and water bowls or food containers and scoops. In choosing the former, make sure it is sturdy so that it won’t tip over easily. For the latter, it has to be airtight and it’s a lot more convenient if you choose one with wheels so it’s easier to move around.

Training Essentials

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Housebreaking a new puppy isn’t easy and it’s going to be a challenge especially for first-time pet owners. Training puppy pads, which are also called pee pads, are a big help when it comes to training a puppy just where he should pee. Treats are also useful during the training period. If your friend is a fan of dog expert Cesar Millan, he will be able to benefit from his sage advice through Millan’s book, How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond. Your friend can also catch more tips on dog behavior if he watches the TV show, Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan.

A Smart Vacuum


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Puppies–especially long haired breeds–shed a lot of hair and these will stubbornly cling to any surface, particularly the fabrics of your furniture. Even if you already have a vacuum, it won’t work against pet hair. What you need is specially designed vacuum cleaner like the Neato XV-21, which is engineered for pet owners or allergy sufferers. This robot vacuum not only sucks up dirt and debris, but also the toughest of pet hairs. This would make an awesome gift for any pet lover. If you find it a bit pricey, you can ask other friends to chip in so that it will be a collective gift from all of you.

Grooming Kit

Remember the myth about having beautiful hair when you brush your hair 100 times? A puppy isn’t going to require that many brush strokes but he is going to need regular grooming. A professional groomer can help you find the perfect brush for your friend’s pet, as long as you know the breed. Weekly brushing is encouraged so that natural oils will be distributed and the dog’s coat will be healthy. When you brush a dog’s coat, it removes excess fur and lessen the hair that will end up on furniture, clothes and even in the car.

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