There are many ways in which to grow your business and, aside from marketing and advertising campaigns, attending trade shows is a great way to get your brand noticed. By strategically placing yourself at an appropriate tradeshow you can capture the attention of not only consumers but other brands and companies in the industry too, pushing your awareness higher. There are many ways in which you can make your trade show as successful as possible, but one of the best is to offer business gifts that people can take away.

Business gifts at trade shows have two values; the ability to attract the attention of passers by to your stall, and a way that you can ensure that your brand enters recipient’s homes or offices and are a constant reminder of your business. Branded USB sticks are ideal as gifts as they’re small and very portable. This means that not only can you give them out in bulk at a trade show, but that, more often than not, business people and other consumers will utilise them in everyday life, allowing your brand to be constantly present in their mind.

Business Gifts

Using freebies at trade shows is a good idea, and if you want to attract attention to your stall then bright and colourful products work best. The main aim of these goods is to stop people walking by, pulling them towards your stand so that you can talk to them whilst giving out the free gift. If you are a stationer you might consider brightly coloured post-its or a notepad, whilst garden professionals could use small-motorized windmills for movement and sound. You should attempt to your keep your costs low by using cheap products, which you can offer in bulk so that you won’t note big expenses. But the more colourful and unique the better as it will make your brand stand out.

In addition to the attractive free items on offer it is also worth considering buying extra promotional gifts, which are available to customers if they commit a little more. These should be more expensive than your freebie to try and gain interest from customers. If you want to schedule a possible meeting or get people to commit to a newsletter subscription, offering an extra perk is often a great way to get consumers to take a little more notice of your products. These too should also be catered towards your specific company, and a stationer might like to offer a desk clock, writing pen and pad set, or a calculator. Meanwhile, a garden company could give packets of seeds or hand fork and trowel sets.

Targeting your ideal market is easily done at a trade show and it is here that you must take every advantage to increase as much business interest as possible. Using freebies to attract people to your stall is a great way of gaining the chance to talk to customers, and by adding an extra incentive to get a little more from a prospective customer you’ll see your business activity soar.