Any event is made more special by the venue you choose, the gift you give and the guests you invite. But if you’ve got something really special coming up like a wedding, baptism or christening, you can start the party well before the big day with handmade invitations.

Handmade Invitations

Why Choose Handmade Invitations?

A big event like a wedding or christening is a memory to be treasured forever and most of us strive to make one off events like these memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved. Lots of people who attend your special event will hope to get a keepsake from the day that they can hold on to for years to come that will remind them of a wonderful occasion.

When you choose handmade invitations you are investing in quality and beauty and the invitation you choose will not only reflect the importance of the occasion but will also provide a wonderful memento for all your guests.

Can I Design my Own Invitations?

Most reputable companies offering handmade invitations will offer you lots of choice surrounding how your invitations will look. You will be able to choose everything including a colour scheme, the type of paper and lettering used and any adornments you choose such as ribbon. When you choose handmade invitations you can ensure that your invitations will match the theme you’ve chosen for your special event and give people a taste of what’s to come.

Can I make my own Handmade Invitations?

You can design your invitations and get them made for you, or you can choose the materials you like best and make the invitations yourself. Making invitations for a wedding is a great idea as it’s an activity that different members of the wedding party can do together. For example, making invitations is a great way to help bridesmaids bond if they don’t know each other too well.

Can I Buy other Handmade Stationery?

You can buy a great selection of handmade stationery that’s ideal for special occasions such as weddings. If you do decide to choose handmade for your wedding invitations then why not opt for handmade save the date cards, place cards, seating plans or wedding breakfast menus too? Making sure all your stationery matches is a great way to add the finishing touches to your wedding day.

Can I choose Designer Invitations?

When choosing your handmade invitations you can opt to choose designer. Although designer invitations will be a little more expensive, don’t forget that many of your invited guests will hold onto their invited for many years to come and when you consider that your invitation could hold all their memories of the big day it’s worth the extra investment.