Valentine’s Day celebrations, and all that they entail, are now creeping up fast. It’s a celebration that has many people dropping their heads in horror and trying to pretend it’s not happening, before rushing out to the nearest garage for some drooping flowers and shabby-looking chocolates. It doesn’t need to be like that. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about a genuine demonstration of love and affection rather than a reluctant fulfilment of duty. That’s easy to say, but not so easy to do, particularly for those (and there are many) who find buying gifts difficult. If you need a little help this Valentine’s Day, our guide to the good and bad in the world of Valentines gifts is here to help…

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Good Gifts

Good gifts are those that reflect something about the person you’re giving them to, and ideally, they should reflect the relationship you have too. They don’t have to cost the earth, but they do need to be creative and personal. There should be an element you can both enjoy together, as well as something that’s just for the one you love. Some examples:

  1. Hampers – If you love eating together, ditch the overcrowded restaurants and buy a hamper. You can have a romantic evening in or day out sharing the contents. Stay traditional with champagne and chocolates, or branch out into cheese, meat or anything you like.
  2. A day out – Think of something your loved one has always wanted to do and arrange a day where you both get to try it together. It could be anything from wine tasting to skydiving.
  3. A personalised game or puzzle – If money’s tight, make your own board game that includes events or places that are special to you both. Or get a jigsaw made of a favourite photograph.

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Bad Gifts

Bad gifts are those that show little thought or care. These are gifts that will never make your loved one feel special:

  1. Flowers – These might be a traditional Valentine’s gift, but save them for another day. Buying flowers for Valentine’s Day shows little imagination.
  2. Soft toys – Unless you’re still in junior school, teddies holding hearts are a tacky no-no.
  3. Chocolates – Unless they’re something really special and indulgent, chocolates show no more imagination than flowers.