Valentine’s day is not only for lovers and couples. Everyone can celebrate this special day in their own ways. A common tradition during this event is giving of gifts to special someone. Others also give presents to their friends, parents and grandparents. Thinking of gift ideas depends on who will be the recipient.


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When talking about giving gifts to the old folks, it is not really about the price tag. As they say “It’s the thought that counts”. Although you can give a gift to your grandparents whenever you want, Valentine’s day might be a perfect time to show off how much you care and love your old fellas. There is no need to spend a fortune just to have a gift for you grandmother and grandfather. All you need is a bit of creativity and patience. Try a do-it-yourself gift ideas to avoid spending much bucks.

Personalized Valentine’s Cards

Students from grade school to high school have surely tried making Valentine’s card in their art class. Designing your very own Valentine’s card does not really require great creativity – just use your imagination. All you have to do is purchased the needed materials such as cardstock paper/construction paper, scissor, colored pens, ribbons, glitters, stickers etc.

Depending on the design you plan to make, you can have plain white cardstock paper and embellish it with heart-shaped colored papers. Or, you can draw heart shape on the paper and fill it with colored glittery. The design does not have to be a masterpiece similar to Picasso. Just pour your heart while making your own personalized card. Add your message for your grandparents.

Homemade Treats

Chocolate is a popular gift during Valentine’s day. But to make the gift more special and unique, bake your own sweet treat at home. It doesn’t have to be always chocolate bars. Try making strawberry cake in heart shape. Or, you can bake cupcakes or muffins then decorate them with sprinkles, frosting and other toppings. Place your sweet treats in a box or basket then tie ribbons around it. You may stick a card or note with your greetings.

Photo Items

Look for your favorite photo with your grandparents and place it inside a homemade photo frame. Crafting your own photo frame is quite simple. Purchase the required supplies like hard cardboard, glue, embellishments etc. Or you may practice recycling by searching for those items no longer used at home but can be utilized for your frame such as twigs or wood pieces. Get the size of the picture and start assembling the frame then decorate it.

Fresh Bouquets

A bouquet of flower is likewise a popular present on Valentine’s Day. Surprise your grandmother by giving her fresh flowers. The prices of the flowers may soar during this occasion. So if you are on a tight-budget, consider making your own bouquet. Check your garden if you have flowers. In case you don’t have, try checking out your neighbors. In the event that you can’t find good flowers around your neighborhood, you may purchase the flowers alone (pre-arranged bouquets are expensive).

Arrange the flowers then tie the stems together. Buy a cellophane flower wrap and ribbons. Place the flowers on the cellophane and roll it. Wrap the bouquet firmly yet elegantly. Tie the ribbon around the stem and spray a little water to moisten them.

Any kind of gift that is handmade can surely bring joy to your grandparents. Making your old fellas happy is a simple form of health care for elderly people.

About the author. This guest post was written by Ashley O’connor. She is a social media writer who works with several successful establishments including Fall Alert, a provider of personal emergency response systems. When not writing, she just watches tv or reads books.