Last week I have received a copy of The Great Mrs. Claus. And I’ve read it with pleasure.

The Great Mrs. Claus

The book is written by national award-winning columnist Chris Shoemaker and the illustration was made by Cesar De Castro.

The Great Mrs. Claus book is a story told by Sparky, Santa’s Senior Elf. You will discover how a kind-hearted young tinkerer became Santa, met Mrs. Claus, and discovered the strength of a lasting marriage.

The story is beautiful and fascinating. And the youth of all ages will find something very interesting: the book has 2 games – with the help of a magnitude glass you will have to pay a fun hide and seek game within the North Pole maps (one for day and one for night).

The Great Mrs. Claus is a beautiful Christmas gift. I love it although I’m 28 years old. The 2 games inside the book will keep the kids occupied and will be super fun.