Whether you are buying gifts for men, women, children, friend, sibling or neighbour and for whichever occasion, you can make them unique by designing photo gifts. Not only will these gifts be appealing but they can even be useful such as a perfect coffee mug or a gorgeous piece of art for the wall.

It is not necessary that your personalised gifts contain photos but any pattern of your choice can easily be printed upon an interesting time. This is ideal when giving gifts to children, simply take a digital photo of their favourite art work and preserve it on a decorative item for their room. If you are unable to find the perfect wall art for your living room then easily DIY by choosing an image online that corresponds with the theme of your room and take out a photos to canvas to put up on the wall.

Here are a few ideas for perfect, personalised photo gifts that will definitely be cherished:

· Magnets

These are not only great for the fridge but thanks to magnet paint a strip can be painted in any room and decorated with photos on canvas magnets. If being gifted to a family member do it along with magnetic paint while a friend will enjoy them just as well on their fridge.

· Photo Books

These are great for creating albums and can be personalised by adding backgrounds, clip art and even speech bubbles and borders. If you have various pictures to group together such an eventful birthday or vacation or record a child’s baby book then photo books makes the perfect gift.

· Greeting Cards

Numerous greeting cards are available in the market but giving a Christmas card to a far away relative with your picture on it will probably be the best greeting card they would have ever received. It’s thoughtful, personal and full of sentiments. It’s a great way for enhance relations and friendship. In this way respect for one another also maintain with great affections. Greeting cards is a best way for world of gifts giving and talking one another.

· Mouse mat

There is not a wide variety of gifts that appeal to men and clothing items, perfumes or certain accessories become old and tiring gifts. If a guy friend prefers to use an external mouse with their keyboard then gift them a creative, personalised mouse mat! It’s a thoughtful gift which will always be full of reminds, even a collage can be incorporated into one or a favourite ‘mouse’ joke!

· Stickers

Children love stickers and either they can create their own stickers to show off their creativity or they can be gifted stickers made from photographs. These can be used to decorate notebooks or bedroom walls while each personalised sticker can be used to award good behaviour. These are a definite item to catch the interest of children.

Serven Wilson works for a canvas prints company and designs creative photo gifts for customers and also deal photos to canvas prints.