When it comes to keeping morale high at any company, it is important to make sure that your top performers are rewarded handsomely for their efforts. Whether you are giving out a gift to the guy or girl who made the most sales over the past month or you just want to help improve someone’s confidence by letting them know you noticed their great work, it never hurts to decide to hand out some gifts to your employees. Let’s take a look at some of the best gifts that make sense when you are trying to award positivity in the workplace.

Some Corporate Clothing

Gifts That You Can Give Your Employee of the Month

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If you live in the northern part of the country, then a nice corporate scarf can go a long way as a gift for employees. There are two main advantages to using this gift over other options, but the main reason you should think about giving away this kind of gift is because it also counts as free advertising. Whenever that employee wears that scarf around town, they will be letting everyone around them know that your company exists. This kind of gift is able to provide both morale boosting properties and advertising exposure for your company. If you don’t live in a region where you need scarfs or coats then you can look into getting them some ties or even a polo shirt. Do your research and find out what your employees like instead of guessing. This can save time, money and even make it seem like it is more personal with your employee.

Gift Cards

The usual option that people choose when they want to give a gift to their employees is a gift card. This is not necessarily a bad option, especially if you are able to provide people with gift cards that they would actually want to use. It actually makes sense to offer a variety of a few different gift cards when you are looking for a way to award an employee so they will actually be able to get something they want. An award does not go very far if it is something that the employee is never going to use.


One final option that you should think about using as a gift is a pair of cheap headphones with the company logo on them. Almost everyone can usually use an extra pair of headphones, and these kinds of gifts that contain the company logo can also help bring more exposure to your business. Unlike some of the other options that you are looking at, headphones are something that people may actually use while they are not at work or the office Christmas party. Try not to get too cheap with the headphones though because it could have a negative impact on morale if they break too easily.

As long as you end up picking a gift that is actually rather popular with the rest of the workplace, then you should be making a decision that has a positive impact on your business. Another good tip to use is to actually offer different tiers of gifts. Perhaps the best salesman at the end of the month can receive a $200 gift card, while the best salesman of the year receives something much better. Then again, you can never overestimate the power of a good-old fashioned raise in wages either.

Article by Annabelle Smyth