When your child flies the nest and goes off into the big wide world, it can be so difficult to say goodbye. You know that your baby must grow up at some time and needs to find their own way, but what are they going to do when they need a cuddle from their Mum or Dad or just a few words of support.

Well, one great way to make sure that a little piece of you goes with your child is to give them a personalised teddy bear that will always be on hand to offer cuddles when they are needed and, with a few carefully chosen words put onto the bear itself, can remind your child that there are people who are thinking of them and will always care for them, no matter how big they get or how far away they are.


Whether your daughter is going off to University, your Son is going to work or your twins are travelling across the world, teddy bears can mean so much and show that you are sending your thoughts and support with your child wherever they go.

But it is not only when you own children leaves that a teddy can be such a thoughtful and beneficial gift. During any separation, a bear is a way of sending a piece of your friendship or love with another person so that they always know you care.

If your child is going to loose his or her best friend from school and wants to ensure they know they will always be thinking of them or if a member of the family has to go away for a long period of time, giving a bear can cement the bond of your relationship and will be a constant reminder of your love.

Parents who work in the forces have found that taking a bear given to them by their child on long tours, and sending back photos of themselves with the bear, can provide an emotional connection between the parent and the child at a much deeper level than speaking on the telephone alone.

A bear doesn’t have to be big, it can be quite small, it just has to reflect how you feel and be given with love. The pain of loosing someone is always going to be hard, but adding a small element of comfort can make it a whole lot easier.