Supporting your favourite charity doesn’t always necessarily mean simply providing them with one off donations at Christmas (although this is still very important). Here, we’ve got a great list of different ways you can support your favourite charitable organisation. From buying gift baskets for presents with proceeds going to their cause, to volunteering your time, we’ve got a great list to help you get more involved with your favourite charity:



Many charities out there are in desperate need of more hands on deck. That’s why a great way to help is to volunteer your time. To see what volunteer opportunities are available, go to their website and ?nd out. Generally most organisations will have this information provided on their site. If not, phone them to ?nd out. This is also a great way to give back to the community and meet new people with similar passions and interests.

Raise Awareness through social networks

If the charity you support is heavily into petitions and requires peoples support to lobby government, take the time to post links to their petitions and explain their causes using your social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. If they have an email call out for urgent signatures, forward it on to your entire address book.

Support their fundraisers

Find out when their most important fund raisers are throughout the year, and make an effort to take part. If it?s a fun run, get your whole family involved.


So we?ve talked about participating in other fundraising events to help raise money, but what about doing your own fundraising? There are so many different ways that you can fundraise and it?s a great way to not only raise money, but raise awareness of their important cause. Organise a cake day at your child?s school, or even host a luncheon at work to raise funds and awareness for the charity.

Buy birthday and Christmas gifts that support their cause

Many charity organisations now see the value in having online retail stores where you can buy gifts throughout the year, with proceeds going to their cause. Alternatively, there are some wonderful companies now giving you the option to purchase Christmas hampers and gift baskets and nominate what charity you want part of the price to be donated to. This is a great way to support your favourite charity, while you shop!