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Top 3 European destinations for trips and holidays



Paris is the capital city of France. Paris is a major influence in politics, fashion, business, arts and science in Europe and in world .The city is home to universities, sport events, opera companies and museums of International renown. Paris attracts over 30 million foreign tourists per year. Three of the most famous Parisian landmarks are the cathedral Notre Dame de Paris the Eiffel Tower and the Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe. Also the travelers must visit Louvre and Place de la Concorde, the Muse d’Orsay and the Muse Nationale d’Art Moderne.

The most popular annual events are the military parade along the Champs-lyses on July 14 and the Fte de la Musique on June 21, when free concerts of every kind of music are held in different areas.



London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom. London is today one of the world’s leaders in business, financial and culture. London has a global influence in politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion
and the arts. London is a major tourist destination, with numerous landmarks such as Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye and with famous institutions such as the British Museum and the National Gallery. The most prominent landmark is Saint Paul’s Cathedral designed by English architect Christopher Wren to replace the original church, which was destroyed during the Great Fire of London in 1666.

London itself is a living museum, with more than 2000 years of history and culture.

Annual cultural events of London are: the Henry Wood Promenade Concerts (“the Proms”) – classical music festivals held from July to September and Notting Hill Carnival held each year during the last weekend in August.



Rome is the capital city of Italy and of the Lazio region. Rome is visited by millions of foreign every year. Roman monuments range from the almost perfectly preserved Pantheon (founded 27 bc; rebuilt ad 118-128), considered one of the finest surviving temples of antiquity, to the Colosseum (opened ad 80), a huge amphitheater that was the scene of gladiatorial combats and other spectacles.Important tourists attractions are also: the Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain and Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano.

Rome is also identified with the Catholic Church and the holders of its episcopal seat are the popes because the city surrounds the Vatican City.

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