Whether you’re planning to feed a school full of children, a hospital full of patients or a cafeteria or restaurant full of diners, the food you’re about to serve must be handled properly and kept at the right temperature to avoid illness or injury. This requires forethought into how you are going to store food, cook it and store leftovers properly.

When perishable frozen food is brought into the building, the first thing you’ll need is a high quality, reliable commercial freezer to store it safely. It’s important to buy a name brand freezer from a trustworthy source, one that specializes in freezers that have earned certification from the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF). This assures that you are buying a top quality product that meets all the current standards for food storage safety.

Many Types Of Freezers To Choose From

The type of freezer you’ll choose for your commercial use depends on the kind of kitchen you have. If you have a large kitchen, then high quality, full-size all stainless steel freezers should work for you. These freezers can have either single or double doors. They are also sturdy and durable and should give you years of use.

An under the counter freezer works in smaller kitchens where you might need to condense freezer and counter top space. To really combine the space, you can try installing a worktop freezer which has a usable work area on top, with a freezer underneath. Commercial chest style freezers work well when you want to keep certain types of food separate, like for when you want to keep all meats stored in one freezer.

Putting Food On Display Requires A Specialized Freezer

A glass door freezer gives you an attractive option for times when you need to see food that is being stored. They work especially well for dishes that are prepared in advance to be served later, like specialty frozen desserts. They’re also great for being able to see food ingredients you need for faster recipe preparation.
When a freezer has glass doors, it’s usually made using specialty glass with features like triple pane glass that is both insulating and thermal. Glass door freezers also have special temperature tolerant lighting so food can be seen. The freezer you choose for your commercial use depends on the size of your kitchen and on your unique needs.

By Ryan