Reading is the greatest gift of life because there are numerous benefits offered by this simple activity. An important role is played by the books we choose to read both from a fictional and non-fiction area of interest. When you have a friend whom you know he / she loves to read, there is no better gift to offer than a great new book that he/she will enjoy reading on their spare time. Let’s discover below some of the greatest new non-fiction reads we could all enjoy or offer as a gift to others.

A Non-Fiction Book for Feminists

First on our list of great non-fiction reads is addressed mainly to feminists today: Diane Von Furstenberg: A Life Unwrapped. It celebratesthe iconic existence of the famous designer that gives the title of the book. Diane Von Furstenberg is one of the most popular feminist fashion designers of all times. Her gorgeous wrap dress has become a strong symbol of female independence, liberation and freedom from all perspectives. It features the self-invented success story of a female leader in this industry. It will be a great travel in this world for those who love to read and discover new perspectives on life through well written-words.


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New Success Story in Town: You’re Never Weird on the Internet

We could not have created a list of successful non-fiction books for brainy people without mentioning this title: You’re Never Weird on the Internet. It is a genius book written by Felicia Day. Its magic comes from the real-life story portrayed through well-chosen words that come with powerful meanings for her life as well as for the readers that will rediscover themselves in this story. Learning that success on the Internet is now more possible than ever can highly influence readers to seek their own path and write their own story of success in life.


Discover the New Journey of Life with The Fish Ladder: A Journey Upstream

Next on our list today comes a book written by Katharine Norbury: The Fish Ladder: A Journey Upstream.The story line follows a river from the mighty sea to its original source. It teaches new ways in which grief can be coped with after modern issues such as a miscarriage are encountered. It also teaches readers that life is full of unexpected chances that are offered to us with the purpose of always moving forward and discovering new opportunities or life stories. It is a book worth reading if you are open-minded and interested in discovering other perspectives of life that might guide yourself on your road of self-discovery.

Non-Fiction that Is So Good that It Reads Like Fiction 

Have you ever read a non-fiction book that seemed too good not to be fiction? We have discovered such an example with The Last Love Song, a great read brought to us by Tracy Daugherty. This is a biography of John Didion written in a special way that respects the privacy of the reclusive journalist while journeying back in time to follow the journalist’s steps in life. Such a great literary figure deserved a loving tribute like this amazing book from which we can also discover something new to mark our own existence.


Rising Strong by Brene Brown

Today we will end our list of amazing books to consider as a gift for brainy people who are all about self-discovery and personal development in life with Rising Strong, a great book written by Brene Brown. If what you are looking for is a way of inspiring your friend to get through another year even when melancholia might seem to have settled into his / her life, this is a great gift to offer. This book teaches us all how to embrace personal failures and always find a way to move on and rise so that future success might be achieved in life.

These are the recommended books for today. Never stop reading and your life will never lack meaning!

By Jason Phillips