Most seniors are looking forward to their retirement. Of course, this is the time when they won’t have to work anymore. The time to reap the fruits of all their hard works. Time to enjoy more the beauty of life.

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Many retirees purchase a retirement home where they can spend most of their days. Now, if your parents just bought their new house and invited you for the housewarming, you might stress yourself out thinking what to give. Actually, there are plenty of housewarming gift ideas you can find. But we are talking about your parents, thus your gift should be special yet practical. Check out your local store or browse the Internet.

Here are a few gift ideas for your parent’s new home:

  • Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser – Keeping the house clean is like the main priority of most homeowners specifically the kitchen area. Paper towels are very useful in the kitchen. It is used to wipe away stain, dirt and grime. Elderly parents can highly benefit from an automatic towel dispenser. Instead of pulling the paper towel out from its holder, your parents will just need to wave their hands, then a sheet of towel is released. Indeed, it is convenient to use for your parents.
  • Decorative Lantern – For additional light source outside their new home, give your parents a pair of decorative lantern. Surely, your parents’ new home will look stunning from afar during nighttime. It can give off soft lights while your parents take laid back moment outside.
  • Portable Charcoal Grill – Wonder what makes the grill a special gift? There is always this time when you are going to visit your parents in their new home. So instead of making that time an ordinary visit, why not turn it into a barbecue party? Bring along their grandchildren to make the event more special. This charcoal grill will become a witness of your happy memories together.
  • Electric Can Opener – Small it seems; but this piece of item is of great help to elderly. Just imagine if your parents need to open a can of soup. They must exert force to open it. However, if you give your parents an electric opener, it will be less hassle to open up a can. It is very simple to use. In no time, your parents can open a can without a sweat.
  •  Inflatable Air Bed – Indeed, this gift idea is truly practical for your parents. Seniors must sleep on soft bed for a comfortable sleeping time. Consequently, an air bed can provide great comfort since it is filled with air. It can inflate and deflate quickly so it won’t take much time to be used. In case, your parents opt to sleep on their bed. The inflatable air bed can be reserved for visitors.
  • Medical Devices – Giving your parents medical devices might seem sentimental. It may sound inappropriate as housewarming gift. But, it can prove how much you care for them since they live in their new home. Medical apparatus, like digital blood pressure monitor and glucose monitoring system can help them keep track of their health status. Furthermore, you can also give them medical alert system like those from Medical Guardian, to quickly notify you if there is an emergency.

Housewarming gifts for your parents do not have to be super pricey. Think of how they can use them. Whatever your gift may be, surely, your parents will appreciate them.

Article by Ashley O’connor