Do you own a parrot, a parakeet or a cockatiel? Maybe you have a canary, a finch or even a dove. No matter what type of bird you own, you can take steps to keep your bird in excellent health throughout its life. Discover five tips to help you accomplish this goal. Give Your Bird Fresh Water Each Day Fresh, clean water is a necessity for any type of bird to maintain good health. Be sure to wash its water bowl or bottle with hot, soapy water once per week. Though you may never see your bird take a drink, it needs water to help with its digestion and other bodily functions. In addition to drinking water, give your bird a reasonable supply of water to bathe in.

Maintain the Condition of the Bird’s Cage Some birds create a lot of waste each day. Depending on the type of bird you have you may need to clean its cage once every few days. If you have more than one bird in a single cage, then it’s best to clean it a couple times per week. You don’t want to leave bird waste on the floor of the cage for more than a week because this can lead to bacteria growth. In addition to changing the paper on the floor, be sure to clean the perches in your bird’s cage with hot, soapy water to remove any bacteria or germs left on them. Your bird will appreciate having a clean cage! Feed Your Bird the Right Food Different types of birds need different types of food to stay healthy.

So, check with your avian vet on what is best to feed your particular bird. In addition to giving seed to your bird, give it some fresh fruits and vegetables to snack on. These have vitamins and minerals that can contribute to the health of your bird. Do a bit of research on what fruits and veggies would most appeal to the type of bird you own. Allow Your Bird to Exercise Each Day Even if your bird’s wings are clipped, it still needs exercise.

So, make sure you allow your bird the opportunity to get out of its cage and exercise in a safe area. If your bird’s exercise room has windows, be sure to close the drapes so your bird doesn’t fly into the window glass and injure itself. Also, make sure cats, dogs and other pets have no access to the room while your birds are out.

Take Your Bird to the Avian Vet Each Year An avian vet is the type of vet that specializes in treating birds. If you take your bird to an avian vet once per year, you can keep track of its health and allow your vet to check any concerns you have about your bird. An avian vet knows how to handle even the smallest bird in a gentle way, so it can relax as much as possible in the vet’s office. Having an avian vet for your pet means you can call him or her with questions or go in on short notice if your bird appears to be ill. If your vet wants you to take steps such as worming your bird you can buy bird worming products at vet products direct . In many cases, you can mix this type of medicine in with your bird’s water. But, be sure to check the specific instructions on the package. Finally, these are just five things you can do to help your bird live a full life. Talking to your bird to calm it and giving it treats can bring you closer to your pet and earn its trust. A bird that feels at ease and loved is likely to live a long, happy life.