The fact that a bride invited you to share the celebrations surrounding the start of her new life with you shows you that she is close to you as a friend or family member. She planned her guest list based on consideration and you must show her the same consideration by giving her practical but unique and exciting gifts before her special day. The following are five unique gifts for the bride to be:

Five Unique Gifts For the Bride To Be

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A Diamond Double Heart Necklace

Jewelry always puts an elegant touch to a person’s wedding gift. However, to succeed in this category, you must select the correct jewelry. The husband will already have a beautiful diamond ring for her. You cannot win purchasing a ring. However, you can give her a diamond double heart necklace to complement the diamond she has on her ring. The double hearts will signify the closeness of the bride and groom’s hearts. She will love this gift and appreciate you for thinking about her happiness in depth.

An Engraved Picture Frame with Clock

Your friend or family member will want to always remember her special day. Therefore, one of the best gifts you can give her is something she can place her wedding picture in and something that keeps the time. Adding a special phrase to the bottom of a beautifully crafted frame will just add more sentiment to an already fabulous gift.

Free Tooth Whitening

Because she only gets one time in life to look her best, surprise her with a free tooth whitening and cleaning such as those at dentist corona. This gift is very special because it shows her that you care about her presentation on her special day. Both her and her new husband will be very appreciative of this. She might even get a new toothbrush after her cleaning.

A Hair Styling

Paying for her visit to the hair salon before the wedding is a perfect way to get her all set for the big day. Let the stylist go wild and create the most romantic and innovative hairstyle. Her husband will love what you did.


Get them both a free post wedding massage so they can relax after the big ceremony. Massages relieve stress and promote a feeling of spiritual wellness. Be sure to get the husband one too.

Select from these five awesome ideas and you will be responsible for an extremely happy friend and new bride.

Article by Annette Hazard