Father’s day is the day to recognize the hard work and care that goes into being a dad. No dad is alike, however, and so gifts should not be boring and generic either. Sometimes it can seem fathers are difficult to buy for. Many will not even give hints about gift preferences. In order to give a great gift, you need to think outside of the box and get a little creative.

Spice Up The Standard Boring Father's Day Gifts

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Spice up the Tie

Neckties are one of the most common gifts for Father’s day, but this does not mean they have to be boring. Do something extra special and unique by getting him a custom made tie. This will be something that he will cherish, and he will think of you whenever he wears it. The custom tie can represent anything that fits his personality, and it can even become a yearly tradition to give him a unique tie.

Tickets to the Game

If your father loves sports, get him tickets to watch his favorite team play. If you have siblings or other people in on the action, you can have everyone give him team logo gifts. The tickets can be the gift you all let him open last as the big surprise. Just make sure that the game is scheduled for a day when he is able to attend.

Custom Picture Frame

If your dad spends his workdays at a desk, he will appreciate a custom picture frame to hold pictures of the family. You can find materials at any hobby store. Just paint it or add interesting designs. You could also use a stencil to write everyone’s names around the frame. For an extra nice touch, have a new portrait taken of all the children and have that be the picture in the frame.

Spice it up With Food

It is very easy to create your own food gift basket. Go to a hobby store and find a large decorative basket. Next, choose his favorite foods and arrange them in the basket. Snack foods such as gourmet nuts and candied work well, but you can add any kind of food that he likes. If he enjoys simple foods such as beef jerky, canned sardines, and cheese and crackers then do not hesitate to add these.

The basket does not have to be limited to food. You can add small gift items, such as key chains or funny gag gifts to the basket as well. You can also add other small items like these to the other gift ideas. Don’t be afraid of getting creative. Your dad will appreciate the thought it took and being pleasantly surprised.

Article by Jayla Barnsen