An estimated 60 million people worldwide play golf on a regular basis, according to Golf Today. This figure does not include golf enthusiasts who enjoy the sport but do not actually play the game. Given these numbers, the potential market for gift ideas for golf enthusiasts is massive. The spectrum of gifts available for the golfer covers everything from improving their individual game to high-tech gadgets. Read on to find out more.

Practice makes perfect: the golf range 

For the serious golf player, the driving range offers the opportunity to practice and help improve your game. For the enthusiast, who may be considering getting into playing the game, it is the opportunity to practice. Either way, gift cards or vouchers that give you access to your local driving range make an ideal gift.

From Hi-Tech To The Hilarious: Gift Ideas for the Golfer 3

In addition to improving your swing, what makes this such a great gift is that it is so convenient as most establishments are lit which means you can use them at night; it may also prove convenient time wise, as you may not always have the time to play a full 18 holes at your local golf course; many also offer golf lessons so that you can practice that swing under expert tutelage. Using the driving range can also be cost effective. The price of playing a full round of golf can be costly, whereas an hour or two at the golf range will be far cheaper.

Latest hi-tech: laser range finder

Golf embraces the very latest in technological advances and an ideal gift offering is the latest in laser range finder products that are currently available on the market. Gone are the days of the old method of counting steps between yardage posts and then guessing how far the flag is located from the center of the green.

Instead, give the gift of a laser rangefinder and you can simply point, press a button and instantly you can view the distance between you and the pin. Some of the more advanced gadgets will buzz or vibrate to confirm when you are locked onto the pin.

Quirky but useful: golf sunglasses

One of the biggest problems facing a golfer on the fairway and green is glare from the sun. It is often difficult to locate your ball especially for those scuffed shots off the fairway.

Sunglasses can help improve your vision whilst playing but you can take this gift idea one step further with a pair of sunglasses to help locate your lost ball. These sunglasses have a special tint that makes white objects like your golf balls appear brighter against the foliage.

It does not matter if the person in your life is a serious golfer or the armchair enthusiast, there is a gift out there that is suitable for them. You can discover gifts that can help them improve their game, hi-tech gadgetry to make life on the fairway easier or simply zany gifts for those of a funnier disposition.

By Lucy