Gift cards aren’t as impersonal as they once seemed to be. The idea behind giving a gift card is giving that special person a chance to find the right gift for themselves at their favorite location. Gift cards are a popular way to express congratulations, good luck, happy birthday or a happy holiday! Here are 5 gift card giving ideas:

Weddings: Wedding gifts are typically centered on what the couple wants to start their new life together with things like kitchen supplies and bathroom towels. Giving them a gift card to large shopping stores that have a wide range of options is best; try giving them a gift card for places like Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. Take it a step further and consider getting them a gift card to a home improvement store, these kinds of cards can help them purchase those necessities like yard and lawn care.

Birthdays: Birthdays are fun to celebrate no matter the person or age! Birthdays are a chance to get that special someone something they have had their eye on. What is great about birthday gifts is that there are no limits on to where to get their gift card from. Their favorite clothing, gadget, book and jewelry stores are great gift cards to celebrate their day of birth!

Holidays: Holiday gift card giving is a lot like celebrating someone’s birthday. Birthday tend to be based around more of what the birthday person wants rather than a holiday gift which is a gift idea you think the person receiving it would like the most. Typically during the holidays there are wish lists being written and nonchalantly left in places for you to see. Find out what they want the most and get them a gift card that will cover their wishes.

Baby Showers: There is nothing more beautiful than the gift of life! So help that special new mom and dad with their next big adventure and give them a gift card. You have two options to give them a gift card that pays for the necessities like formula and diapers or a gift card that they can use on baby clothing and bedding.

Just because: Every now and then it’s nice to just give that special someone something special. A ‘just because’ gift card can be in any dollar amount and to anywhere you please. Something as simple as a $5 gift card to their favorite coffee shop or $25 to the movie theatre will make anyone smile.

You don’t always have to have a pretty package with a pretty bow, sometimes a gift card is gladly accepted over a gift. Gift cards give the receiver the ability to find something that not only want but need. It truly is the gift that keeps giving!

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