Rocking chairs soothe and entertain the baby and allow the parents to take a break and do some work around the house such as caring for siblings or maybe trying to relax a little. All whilst the baby is secure in its chair. Rocking or vibrating chairs are lightweight, versatile and portable. These chairs are usually made of metal or plastic, to which, is fastened a piece of cloth, on which rests the baby. They often include a belt or safety harness and battery models produce sounds and vibrations to help relax the baby.

Baby Gifts

Baby monitors make great Baby Gifts for new parents. Place a portable monitor on the nightstand and it will reassure the nervous new parents. These monitors have become increasingly sophisticated; some models can even detect the gentle breathing of a baby from 600 feet away, and are especially useful if the baby sleeps in another room. The latest models include motion sensors that trigger an alarm if the baby has not moved for a period of time, and video monitors that allow parents to see their babies as well as hear them.

Parents can buy cot linen to match their child’s Baby Clothes or baby sleeping suits, to add a little extra dash of cuteness to their baby. Pastel sheets with pictures of teddy bears, ducks and other friendly animals are a perfect addition to any child’s room. You can also buy blankets or soft and light blankets to help keep the baby warm

You will soon have a house full of Baby Products, which is fine up until the point you need to go somewhere. This is when you will need a baby backpack or bum bag for baby products.

Even better than a baby backpack full of baby stuff is a pack to hold your baby in. They are known as baby bags, and are a way of carrying your baby without using your arms. For a new mom, this is one of the most practical ways to keep a baby close. Your baby will love to stay snug, close to the body of his mother, and the design of such carrier allows the mother’s arms to be free. One of the biggest benefits of the baby pack/bag (according to some experts) is that it allows close contact between parent and baby, which helps strengthen the bonds of affection between the two. Such bonds are very important for child development.

An activity gym is a nice way to encourage your baby to experience the sights, sounds and movements around him. The gym consists of a padded blanket to put the baby on, over which extends a flexible bow. The bow has toys hanging from it such as mirrors, cloth dolls and rattles and coloured shiny objects. All of this is designed to stimulate the development of baby’s senses such as sight and touch, and physical developmental milestones such as grasping and sucking. In addition it is also very entertaining. The gyms are usually portable, easy to move and do not occupy too much house space. The baby will be able to use it from the age of approximately three months upwards.

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This article gives a few gift ideas that are often overlooked by new parents, which makes them great presents as alternative to the usual Baby Clothes, Baby Products and Baby Gifts that the parents have already purchased.