If you want to get an inspired gift for future parents you should consider offering them a baby gender test. A lot of people who are expecting a baby would love to know the gender of the child so they will appreciate a gift like this.

Young & Old

Beside the natural curiosity of the parents knowing if the child will be a boy or a girl  will allow them to make the preparations needed before birth.

A good baby gender test:

  • must have the highest level of accuracy
  • tests should be done in an accredited laboratory
  • preferably the test should be performed on urine sample not blood

If you choose to offer this gift you should know that the baby gender DNA test are ready in just 7-10 working days from the moment the samples get to the lab. After that the parents will get the result in 3-5 working day. To learn more about how this works please read the Gender dna test press release.

If you like to learn about the Gender dna tests but you don’t have a lot of time to read about them you can see a short video. The Easydna video on gender predictor test explains why future parents need the test and where they can get it.