Wine enthusiasts love to receive wine related presents. I know this because I just love drinking a glass of good wine and I appreciate a gift which contains wine related products.

Gifts ideas for the wine enthusiast:

#1. Offer a bottle or more of a good wine 

Because of a global wine market the prices for a bottle of good wine are more than affordable. In most countries you may buy a bottle of internationally awarded wine for less than $10. In UK I’ve bought form supermarket some famous wines from California, Chile and Australia for $8-$10/bottle. In the country I live in (Romania) things are even better: you can find internationally awarded wine for less that $7/bottle.

So offering a great wine should not cost you a fortune. Juts go for smaller and more exotic brands. If you do a short research online you will find hundreds of great and affordable wines.

#2. Offer a wine rack 

We, the wine enthusiast like to take care of our wine and also we like to see our wines collection. This is why  wine racks make great gifts.


A menu display wine rack – like the one from the image – is placed on the all wall and allows the wine enthusiast to enjoy the sight of the stylish bottles.

#3. Offer a wine cooler

wine cooler

Wine coolers are designed to keep the wine to the best temperature. You should know that each wine must be served at the right temperature in order to show it’s qualities.

A wine fridge is essential for keeping the wine bottles at the correct temperature. This is why wine fridges are some of the most important kitchen accessories for every wine fan.