Cancer patients can benefit from extra support from family and friends. With that in mind, here are gifts that you can give to anyone fighting cancer.

Gifts That You Can Give To Anyone Fighting Cancer

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7. Tablets

A tablet is a great device that’s portable and useful. For example, the iPad mini is easy to use even for novices and provides hours of entertainment. It’s possible to watch videos, listen to music and find loads of apps for tablets. Checking email and updating Facebook and Twitter are quick on them too. For Android users, consider a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. It has a nice display and good battery life. To protect a new tablet from drops and spills, add a case or sleeve.

6. Camera or Camcorder

Upgrading to a camera or camcorder may provide higher quality pictures and video than a phone captures. The recipient can snap candid photos of the family or record lovely scenes from their daily life. A camera like the Nikon Coolpix S9400 is straightforward to use. A camera bag and extra memory cards are good choices as well. Later, you can arrange to have favorite pictures framed or videos burned to DVD.

5. Handheld Video Game Console

Portable gaming consoles like the PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS have various choices to engage adults, teens and children. For instance, older players might be amused by brain training games or card games. Teens and children enjoy action games and sports games.

4. E-book Reader

An e-book reader like the Kindle Paperwhite gives users access to books, magazines and newspapers. Older readers might enjoy the classics and newspapers from around the country. Picture books with imaginative drawings and chapter books appeal to children. For teen readers, browse through the young adult bestsellers. A cancer patient might want to read memoirs from other cancer fighters and health-related titles as well. Showing the recipient how to find and purchase new books from stores is a good idea.

3. Music

A selection of the latest hits or favorites from years back can enliven someone’s personal space. Pick up CDs or an MP3 player like an iPod Touch and start sharing playlists. Headphones are pleasant for listening during commutes. Also, offer portable wireless speakers so any room can host the tunes.

2. Options for Keeping Warm

You can help ward off chills with hoodies like the ones from Old Navy in the recipient’s favorite colors. Choose hoodies that are soft and can be thrown into the washer. Scarves are another stylish option. A handful in neutral colors like cream or white can match any outfit.

1. Tote Bags

A durable tote bag like a durable choice from L.L. Bean is useful for patient information and reference material about providers such as Century Wellness. The recipient can place magazines, tablets and snacks in the bag too. Select a tote bag that’s simple to clean and has pockets for ease of use.

Supporting a family member or friend makes you part of an important team. These gifts that you can give to anyone fighting cancer can express a lot of caring.

Article by Annabelle Smyth