Finding a shiny toaster or sweater under the Christmas tree is not what modern parents are hoping to receive. With electronic gadgets saturating the market, both young and older parents want to be part of the technological conversation. Many gadgets are well-suited for parents to keep connected and happy over the holidays.

Great Gadgets Your Parents Will Love This Christmas

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If the kids are driving mom and dad wild, a set of headphones allows parents to escape through television and music enjoyment. Many models come with wireless technology, including Bluetooth, so parents can enjoy their media in almost any location. With current technology, good quality headphones produce crisp sounds for an immersive experience.

Home Security

A new alarm system gives your parents peace of mind when they are away or at home alone. Products from Vivint in San Francisco CA allow your parents to speak to a security professional through a control panel if there are any questions or concerns. For older parents, medical bracelets work in conjunction with the alarm system to alert professionals of any preexisting medical conditions in emergencies.

eReaders And Internet Accessibility

That stack of novels on the side table is easily replaced with a sleek eReader. With several models in the marketplace, your parents can read their favorite books with the touch of the screen. Most eReaders use the Internet to download new titles. For example, your parents don’t need to drive to the bookstore or library once they finish a book, especially if the store is relatively far from their Lancaster neighborhood. Alarm company websites are accessible through the eReader too.

Laptops And Social Media

Parents want to connect with their kids, even through social media. Give your parents a lightweight laptop with Internet access to set up their own accounts. Through status updates, pictures and video chats, your parents stay involved with friends and family that are not local.

Digital Photo Frames

Pictures stored in computers are often lost or never seen by your parents. Surprise them with a digital photo frame. These electronic devices hold hundreds of photos for your parents side table. Fill the frame with pictures so it is ready to work when opened on Christmas morning. Parents choose between just one photo on the frame or a slideshow of all the pictures.

Christmas is a special time to connect with family and friends. Giving your parents a gadget to stay in touch keeps them active with everyone even if they cannot physically visit others very often. Go over the gadget’s basic use with your parents and let them discover a new world of fun.

By Casey Haslem