It’s a sort of commentary on values that a 19th century fashion like the fantastic gourmet hampers are now considered very high value promotional items. These hampers are genuinely loved by their recipients. It’s also pretty noticeable that many professional promotion experts don’t seem to mind having any reason to include them in their upmarket promotions, either.


The upmarket ethos and hamper psychology

The general perception of hampers is a study in itself. Hampers are now considered upmarket by definition. Many top retailers sell hampers at very high prices. Hampers are also considered very high quality personal gifts.

The mysterious appeal of hampers in this upmarket demographic becomes a bit less mysterious when you consider:

  • Hampers in this market invariably include selections of top brands.
  • The hampers actively promote the upmarket image.
  • The selections in upmarket hampers really are excellent quality goods.
  • The presentation of top quality hampers is extraordinarily good. A simple hamper becomes a work of art.

“Hamper psychology”, unlike some other forms of this science, always works. Hampers are actually social gifts. They’re shared with friends, and they’re a type of group therapy on social occasions. A good drinks and chocolate hamper will become the center of activity.

In the upmarket bracket, this is “social success” as part of social life, reflected in a popular gift. The general aura of luxury and excellent quality which hampers exude is well suited to this niche.

Content quality as a working principle of marketing

Interestingly, promotional hampers in this class are equally popular. The fabulous food and drink, which often include special brand name wine selections and top brand foods, have a built-in appeal. The promotional content, which can include attached promotions using top quality booklet printing materials.

Also interesting is the psychological approach to including these materials. The principle of associating the promotion and the glamorous hamper food and drink may not be terribly subtle, but it is effective. It puts the promotion into the same context as the air of luxury which is the hamper’s own trademark.

In perspective, the combination of images generated by the upmarket hampers is a good positive message to send with any promotion. This is hard sell with class, and it’s highly effective. When selling upmarket, a promotion needs to match the environment and match the temperament of the clientele.

The product image is automatically enhanced in this process. This “production value” approach is similar to movie stage management, in which the set defines the movie. Hampers, which are designed to be presented in shop displays, are natural stars in any visual presentation.

Custom hampers

For the real top end market, custom hampers, including expensive and very good, high value materials like vintage wines, champagne and caviar, are extremely popular. This may seem like extravagance, even with a good budget to work with, but in practice it’s appealing to the same values, just at a higher level.

If you’re looking at hampers as a promotional option, expect to have fun, and to be dazzled by the possibilities. You can also expect your promotion to be a big success.