Your neighbours looked after your dog and walked him for a week while you were away, but you’re not quite sure what would make the perfect gift to say thank you. Or perhaps a friend has helped you move house and you want to get them something to say thanks. Whatever the reason, we’ve got a great list of thank you gifts suitable for all sorts of good deeds. From gift baskets to movie tickets, you are sure to find a thank you gift on our list suitable for the person you want to show your gratitude to:

Thank You Gift Ideas

Movie tickets

Two movie tickets always make a great gift. Not to see a particular movie, but a movie voucher they can use to purchase two tickets to a movie of their choice. If you want to spoil them just a little more, why not make the voucher for two gold class tickets?

Gift voucher

If you don’t know what they’d like, why not give them a voucher for their nearest shopping mall? This means that they can thoroughly enjoy buying something they want. It’s also a great gift that can easily be put in a thank you card. If you don’t know them too well, this is a great gift idea.

A bunch of flowers

To say thank you to that elderly neighbour that has collected your mail and watered your garden while you were away, a bunch of flowers is ideal. Flowers are a thoughtful gift they are guaranteed to enjoy.


It’s rare to find a person who doesn’t appreciate a nice box of chocolates. They don’t have to be expensive, there are heaps of great chocolates you can buy now for a reasonable price in the supermarket. For a smaller thank you gift, a box of chocolates makes the perfect present.

A 6 pack of beer or bottle of wine

So your neighbour keeps mowing your lawn for you when he does his and prunes the bushes for you when he’s doing his own gardening. It’s only natural you want to give him something to let him know you appreciate his help. Why not buy him a 6 pack of his favourite beer? If he’s not the beer drinking type, a nice bottle of wine is just the thing.

A gift basket

A beautifully wrapped gift basket or one of those Christmas hampers with all the trimmings during the festive season is a great way to say thanks. Hampers and gift baskets are perfect because you know that they will use what’s in it. A hamper with cheese and wine is a great idea, or even a pampering hamper with bubble bath and chocolates is sure to be a winning gift.

No matter who you want to say thanks to, we have the perfect gift idea they are sure to love. So when you are feeling like a simple ‘thank you’ just won’t do, consider some of our ideas above. Whoever you want to show gratitude to by giving them a gift of thanks is sure to appreciate the sentiment.