Valentine’s Day is a very different kind of an occasion as it is celebrated all around the world yet that day there is not an off day. Another amazing thing that I find about this occasion is that it is named after Saint Valentines to recognize his bravery and stand against a ‘Roman Emperor’s Decree’ of no marriages. Seems to me it should be a day to celebrate by Christians only but surprisingly nearly every country celebrates the event weather Muslim, Buddhist or so on. Since like Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day also requires giving gifts to the one you love or the many you love, searching for a perfect gift is like a big headache. I used to find gifting a tough job, but not anymore, thanks to Image-Printers. I am one of those guys who like to search for gift items online rather than going round and round in malls. When you go to a mall and see so many options in front of you, kind of gets me confused you know. So I prefer searching things online and then if they don’t have the facility of ordering online I go find that thing in the markets. I heard about Image-Printers from a friend and don’t lose any chance to use it for a perfect gift for an occasion.


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The best thing about Image-Printers, apart from product range and great offers, is the facility of ordering online. You can even get it delivered to the person you are gifting, directly. Since I am going steady in a relationship, the need of giving a perfect little gift is very important, if you know what I mean. Anyway so for the last 2 years, I have been using the online services of the company to get some framed images which I know she likes very much. Last time I gave her an image of us two on our engagement, this time however I am thinking of ordering something of art nature like abstract maybe. She likes art and I have seen many categories having images of art on the website. Anyway, so that is my idea for you too and I will let you know a bit about the company for you to take advantage of.

Discount Offers

I have seen that on the major events like Easter, National Day, Christmas and Valentine’s Day they offer huge discount on their whole range of products. I opened their website a week back and this time around they are offering rather huge discount of 70%. There was also on offer there for free delivery for an order of $150 and above. Well I know gifting something for $150 might be too much but how about you and friends ordering together and getting it delivered at a single point, a good deal isn’t it?

Gift Items

A simple canvas print is a good enough gift, trust me. Ladies seem to love arts more than us guys. We might think of spending money on something else, but after marriage you will see how you will spend for home décor. So giving a gift which has a personal image and which can also be used as wall decoration might be a more than a perfect gift for her. If your girl has more of an artistic nature, go for something scenic and artistic for the choice of image to be printed on canvas. Apart from canvas they have glass prints and metal prints as well. I guess they are the new trends for getting your prints on. I am planning to order this time’s gift on glass and surprise her. Glass prints seem to give a very classy touch to the image, as it seems from the website images.

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