Everyone knows that cats are best and affectionate companions. They can provide naughty and sincere company when you feel alone. Those mischievous creatures can make your day best by their innocent and cute actions. Especially western people feel special attraction in them; they allow them to sleep with and to eat with them. I have also seen that mostly people treat them like their children.


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I know one of the lady who was single and yet not married. She has a beautiful white cat and she used to treat it like her own baby. Even when cat gets ill, she immediately goes to provide proper treatment. I have also many friends who love cats so much, so in these holidays I thought to present some incredible gifts to my close friends who are probably cat lovers.

Cat Pendant:

My wife also loves cats. Her love for cats was quite appreciable as she prefers to sleep the cat besides our bed. So I wanted to present her beautiful gift related to cats. After much brainstorm, I found out a necklace having twin cats. That was so elegant and delicate. Its chain was thick and golden in color. And at the bottom, there were two cats beholding heart. That was definitely a sophisticated item to present.

Magnetic Cat:

I bought one quite attractable item. This was black magnetic cat which was a decoration piece and meant to decorate on office tables. I presented this gift to my colleague. The cat was as beneficial as it was magnetic and capable to hold staple pins on tail and overall body.

Photo Murals of Cats:

I created this item by my own self. Actually I wanted to present photo murals of cat for my close friends. I searched out markets but never find out such appreciable item. So I thought to browse web. After browsing much, I found some incredible ideas from canvas printing nz that were offering reasonable services of photo conversion. So I got some awesome photo murals of cats and when I presented them to my close friends they felt quite excited, the gift was remembered and treasured for long time.

Candle Holder:

Candle holder lovers and cat lovers could be easily find out anywhere. And when two favorite things combine in one item then I think there would be no more favorite item for them than this. So I bought a delicate candle stand for female colleague, the front portion of cat’s body was open and enlightened with candles. The candles also enlightening up the nose, whickers and paws. That was a great gift for anyone definitely.

Decorating Frames:

Beautiful decorative picture frames also looks fabulous. So I bought two frames and inserted cat photos within them. If you want more beautification like me then you can also transform the images on canvas art prints and present to your close friends. Even this item is quite appreciable if you want to present it to your boss. Because I think everyone loves cats and he would never deny accepting that fascinating item.

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