I will show you in today post 3 Jewelry for Love gifts.

#1.Tibetan om small silver. A Symbol of Consequence and Unity


This is an inspired gift for people who love Buddhism culture.

The enunciation of Om generates a sound, and this sound symbolizes movement and rest, which are once again the attributes of a frequency.

The OM symbol also has a meaning – the top symbolizes the start of creation, emerging from the vast emptiness.

#2. Ring of Love silver. A Shining Symbol of Unity and Love


This is a very beautiful ring which symbolizes love. It is a perfect I love you present.

Free love indicates total balance that is a result of the cosmic unity, and a deep understanding that the meaning of creation is love. Free love is the base of healing ourselves and for balance. If we exchange the Hebrew characters in the word MAHALA (sickness) we get HEMLA (compassion).

#3. Key of love gold. An Excellent Tool for Love and Acceptance


A beautiful gold pendent to remind her that she is loved.

The perception unity is the highest value that one should strive to contemplate in his life. The whole creation is one body that multiplies itself into numerous shapes of existence. The laws of geometry, physics, mathematics and biology prove the existence of this oneness. Creation exists for each one to experience the highest of all – love.

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