Nowadays parents have become very much cost conscious on spending on birthday parties, but they do want to make their kids happy by having a grand celebration of their birthdays by less spending. Some of the tips for cost conscious parents are as follows:


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· Plan Your Child’s Party


At first you have to make a proper plan for your child’s party which should include the number of guests, accordingly the number of dishes has to be ordered, the total cost of decorations and the birthday cake. Then the number of return gifts for the small kids and of course the main thing for your kid is the birthday gifts that you will give.

· Send Digital Invitation To Party


You can send digital invitational cards to the guests for attending the party through the social networking websites. Thus, you can avoid the cost of the invitational cards and also the transport.

· Keep Simple, Decent Menu


Decent menu will be much more comfortable with the guests and they will enjoy the food, if the menu is simple enough. You can include the foods which are liked by the kids mainly.

· Borrow Things Instead of Rent For Parties


It will be a great thing if you borrow the party things instead of renting them. Borrowing will be free of cost while renting can make you pay a sum. You can borrow the party decorating things like streamers, colored papers, festoons and many more. But yes, you need to buy the balloon bouquets if your child is fond of balloons.

· Check out a Free or Cheap Venue


Through the online websites you can find out a free or a cheap venue for the celebration of your child’s birthday party. If you have someone known you can get a free venue also.

· Stock Up Items From Dollar & Thrift Stores


Another thing will be a better option to save your money is to stock up the items from the dollar and thrift stores.

· Ask the Friends & Family To Pitch On


You can tell your friends and relatives to pitch in for the birthday party.

· Set Up Affordable Games & Activities


Handmade indoor games will be very much affordable for your child’s birthday party.

· Buy Or Make Cheap Things on Goody Bags


You can buy or make cheap birthday gifts and can put them in the goody bags.

· Bake Your Own Cake For Party


The best thing will be to bake your won birthday cake instead of online birthday cake delivery.

The above mentioned tips will surely be helpful enough to save your costing. Cheers!

By Ravi