It’s the final countdown, and families around the world have already started to plan their New Year’s Eve vacation. 2014 is right at the door, so it might be an excellent idea to end 2013 in style. Planning a trip up north to see the Northern Lights and relishing in the astonishing scenery will convert your trip into an unforgettable experience. There are very few natural phenomena on this Earth to awaken one’s imagination like the Northern Lights. The beautiful light show appears at night, only at high latitudes and it can be seen from the month of September all the way through March.


Families traveling to countries like Finland, Norway, Canada, Switzerland, and Iceland, will live the experience to the fullest. The light display can be admired in a plethora of sparkly colors starting from green, purple, pink, blue, and more. Also known as the Aurora Borealis in the southern hemisphere, the phenomenon is not just inspiring but also mind-blowing. Is your family ready for an adventure? Seize the best opportunities and pick the finest travel spots.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is a sublime country with plenty of engaging winter activities to brag to its avid travelers. The country is famous for its eerie illuminations, the Northern Lights being a noteworthy example. The phenomenon is best viewed on a clear sky and the intensity of the lights, as well as the shades will make your New Year’s Eve vacation truly emotional. The aurora seen from the capital of Reykjavik is just unbelievable. Tourists are advised to check the forecast first in order to make sure that nothing will get in their way towards one of the world’s most enticing natural phenomena.


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Ivalo, Finland

Lapland’s frozen north is a spectacular place to admire the Northern Lights. If you want your trip to end with an amazing experience, stop by Ivalo, a small village located close to Inari, in Lapland, Finland. Although the location doesn’t feature many accommodation facilities, you can lodge together with your family in the famous ski resort Saariselkä, located 30 km from Ivalo. Many tourists come here to enjoy the winter sports, not to mention that if you combine the extra activities with a trip to see the Aurora Borealis, the whole trip to Finland will be a pretty spectacular one.

Tromsø, Norway

Embrace the exhilarating Aurora Borealis and head over to Tromsø, one of Norway’s best cities to admire the natural phenomenon. Located in the heart of the Northern Lights zone, Tromsø offers travelers crystal-clear views of the sky. Grab your family and travel to a really dark place far away from the city. Rent a car and a tent, and prepare to spend some quality time with the family. While you wait for the light show to begin, have a hot drink, some New Year’s Eve marshmallows close to a fire camp and the overall experience will be magical.


Kiruna, Sweden

The Northern Lights are splendid in Sweden during the winter months all the way through March; plan your trip after 10pm at night, because that’s the best time to see the lights. Make sure that prior to venturing into the dark to catch a glimpse of the show the sky is crystal-clear. A really nice spot to have in mind is Abisko National Park, which is located just a few kilometers away from Kiruna. As a prime location, the viewing of the light show is like ripped from a fairytale. To make your family holiday complete, you cannot leave Sweden without having visited Jukkasjärvi, the first ice hotel ever built.

There’s nothing more alluring and mesmerizing that seeing the Aurora Borealis from some of the world’s most spectacular and breathtaking travel destinations. Whether you’re traveling to Santa Claus’s home town in Lapland, or you’d like to explore the wonder territories of Finland, there’s no doubt that your winter adventure will be an unforgettable one. This season, the lights will enter their 11-year cycle, which means that the following 3 years will be excellent for you to see the Aurora Borealis again. Prepare your gear, pick your destination, and make sure the weather is suitable for your entire family to admire one of the world’s most incredible natural phenomena.

By Jason Phillips