Before you start making a floor plan for your new salon, you need to consider which kinds of services you want to sell to your customers. In an ideal situation, you’d have enough cash to afford the best equipment money can buy. Here are some of the most handy beauty tools you can’t really live without.


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So not all of us are tech-savvy, but you’re going to want to keep a computer at your beauty salon for scheduling appointments and retaining client information on the system. It’ll also help manage your accounts, hire staff, and market your company better with social networking. Just don’t stay on Facebook all day!

Hot Tools

Styling equipment must be number one on your list of priorities. Other than brushes and combs, you’ll need a variety of hot tools to create the looks your clients want. The styling stations should be decked with large wall mirrors and you should have a wash area nearby for shampooing. Remember to buy high quality hair scissors for precise cuts.

Manicure Sets

For many women, getting a manicure is a little indulgence or treat. If you plan to provide this service, ensure that you have appropriate stations packed with all the necessary equipment. Storage is a great idea at the manicure desks, so you keep all those lotions and potions properly organised. As always, hygiene is especially important – keep disinfectant to hand.


Having an area dedicated to massage can take up space, but a relaxing session spent working out the kinks makes a great gift for loved ones. Stock your shelves with oils and decide which signature treatments you want to offer your clients: from hot rocks to vinotherapy, there are a lot of options available. You may want to create an atmosphere of ambience, so look into appropriate music and decorations.

Make-Up Station

If you plan to provide make-up services from a trained professional, ensure that there are plenty of high quality cosmetics that suit all sorts of skin tones and palettes. Brushes are especially important for a great finish. It’s always wise to offer this package, as many people like to have access to professional hair stylists and make-up artists, all under one roof. Bridal parties, in particular, benefit from this service.

Hair Removal

For many women, professional hair removal is a must. As hair removal treatments can potentially go horrendously wrong, fully equip yourself with waxing materials and hygienic accessories. As hair removal can be harsh on the body, stock-up on creams to soothe the skin and keep bins on hand to dispose of all used apparatus.

Tanning Salons

As soon as summer rolls around, there’s a huge demand for fake tanning. It’s best to purchase the finest booth for your buck, as the last thing you want in your online reviews is a customer complaining about a poor quality fake tan. Provide disposable underwear and bras for people in the booths, so they don’t have to stain their own undies.

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