Whether it’s an approaching birthday or Father’s Day, picking out a gift for some people can be a real chore. Your loved one might have almost every gadget and toy on the market. In many cases, you also have a limited budget to work with during your shopping adventures. Take a deep breath, and consider a few strategies that might work for your situation. Choosing a gift for that picky personality might be easier than you thought.

Listen to Their Hints

Your loved one’s picky personality may not be that difficult if you put some effort into your gift selections. If you frequently visit with them throughout the year, pay careful attention to items that they find interesting. A watch or other trinket in a store window might be a coveted item that the person never purchases outright. When you arrive with this item in hand, you’re sure to please him or her.

Focus on Their Sports Interests

Many unique individuals have sports interests that require several accessories, from enhanced fishing gear to golf clubs. If your loved one is a golf fan with a cart in the garage, for example, you might surprise them with Club Car golf cart parts. Although this is an unusual gift selection, it offers functional value to the person and his or her interests.

Purchase an Experience

When your loved one’s home is full of collectibles and gadgets, you can turn to a better gift option. They don’t need any more items in the home, and they might be deficient on worldly experiences. Purchase tickets to a local event or pitch in with others to give them a vacation road trip. Experiences are gifts that pay back with great memories.

Use Gift Cards as a Last Resort

Every store seems to have a gift card for their products and associated businesses. Although this gift is a simple solution for a picky personality, try to avoid buying them. You want to give the person a unique gift. As a last resort, however, you can use a gift card as a supplement to a main present.

Although you may have a spectacular idea for your gift, protect your purchase by holding onto the receipt. If your loved one wants to return it, they can do so without any problems. You can also give them a gift receipt as a simple alternative. They’ll never know the product’s price, but they can return or exchange it as they please.

By Ryan