Do you have close friends or family members who just can’t sit still? Fitness buffs and enthusiasts are the type of people who always want to get up and get moving. They might spend hours in the gym every week, play pick up games with friends, sign up for the softball league at work and actually like taking jogs or runs around town. While you know better than to give them chocolate or fattening foods, you may not know exactly what type of gifts to give them. Whether shopping for a man or woman, there are some fun gifts that fitness enthusiasts will love.

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Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is a great gift idea for anyone who likes to get up and get moving. The newest trackers let them connect the tracker to their phones or tablets to keep track of the movements they make every day. Some trackers even have an alarm system that beeps when the wearer’s heart rate drops or when it’s time to take a few steps. In addition to tracking how many steps they take, newer models can tell them how many calories they burned, how they slept at night and even the number of calories they ate.

New Workout Clothing

New workout clothing is another way you can treat fitness buffs in your life. If she loves taking yoga classes, she might love Sofra clothing like a new pair of yoga pants. Yoga pants hug the skin tightly but won’t interfere with her movements. Some even have a hidden pocket inside that lets her carry her keys or some cash. You might invest in other clothing choices like a tee shirt that features the logo of his favorite team or a pair of workout shorts that he or she can wear at the gym and around town.

Gift Cards

Some people don’t like giving gift cards because they think these cards aren’t personal enough. When shopping for a fitness enthusiast though, you may have a hard time figuring out what he or she has and needs. You might buy a pair of headphones that won’t work with her phone or a shirt that’s too small for him. Giving a gift card to a gym or clothing stores lets the recipient pick out items he or she will really use. Buy all the fitness lovers in your group gift cards, a fitness tracker or workout clothing.

By Ryan