The time that you spent in the military made you the person you are today. While not all your experiences were positive, you likely made some friends that you still have and developed skills that help you in your career. Why not use a few badges, plaques and other accessories to show others that you’re proud of your military service?

Custom Seals, Plaques and Badges

Whether you work from home or have your own office, you can find custom seals, plaques and badges to decorate your space. Placing those decorations on your door will instantly let others know that you served your country, and you can also hang those seals on the walls or display one on your desk. These pieces are available for all major branches of the military, and you may even find some that represent your college or university. Carved by hand, the plaques use bright colors to mimic the official design of each branch. A waterproof sealant added to the top ensures that those colors remain bright for years to come.

Award Display Cases

Made from hardwood, award display cases let you show off some of the awards you received over the course of your military service or career. The cases come in multiple sizes and shapes and feature a soft interior lining that won’t scratch your pins and awards. You can also decide on the shape and size you want for customized case. Shop today for display cases and more at Plaques & Patches and similar sites.

By Plaquesandpatches team