The advantage of a big range of baskets is that you can choose a great selection of different gifts. This is great for any kind of event, particularly as part of awards or a themed presentation. The new range of gourmet gifts, whether they’re corporate gift baskets, Thank You gifts or other special presents, hits the spot every time.


The gourmet gifts have really taken a special place in the market recently, and with good reason. These are brand name gifts. They’re high quality and they’re always received well. These gifts are truly top of the line, suitable for any possible situation.

The gourmet gift spectrum

The gourmet gifts have a huge range:

  • Corporate promotional gifts – This is an area where the gourmet gifts have made a huge impact. They’re now “market standard” corporate gifts.
  • Thank You/ appreciation gifts- Showing your appreciation with a high value gift really is the upmarket approach, and the gourmet baskets really stand out.
  • Anniversary gifts – Always appropriate, always appreciated and always in excellent taste.
  • Staff award presentations- This sort of award is the antithesis of the cheap token, and makes a very positive statement to the entire workforce.
  • Romantic gifts – The gourmet gifts are packaged to look great, as well as being great.
  • Special event gifts – When it’s something special, give something special.
  • Fun gifts for relationship moments – On a date, or for a night out or start of a holiday, what could be better than a real fling of good quality food and drink?
  • Birthday gifts – Again the upmarket approach, and if you really want to give a present that’s a guaranteed success, you can’t go past the gourmet option.
  • Mother’s Day/ Father’s Day gifts- The perfect accompaniment to any good day for the parents, and a great way of really giving them a treat they’ll enjoy.

The fact is that the gourmet gifts cover the entire range of gift giving. They’re the sort of gifts that add that touch of class, always out of the ordinary and unique. The “quality factor” puts them in a league of their own.

The gourmet gift basket idea, an analysis

Actually, the gift basket has a whole range of different credentials as a gift:

  • It’s actually several gifts, all useful and all good quality.
  • The presentation is always excellent.
  • The name brand foods and drinks are very good value in their own right.
  • Gift baskets like a wine and cheese or champagne basket are perfect in any setting.

This is an almost textbook marketing study in “how to give the right present”, in many ways. These gifts simply have to be appreciated for their content, as well as their presentation.

If you’re looking for an absolutely surefire successful gift, start with the gourmet gift basket option. You can add to it, or use it to add to your other gifts. The gourmet gift will never fail to get attention and make a statement.