Stamps are fun to collect. You can easily get started collecting the small pieces of paper by finding stamp collections for sale. These can be found online or at stores that sell sports cards and other collectibles. There are small sets that you can purchase, or you can get a large set to really get you started. Some of the more popular stamps are more expensive to purchase, but if you take care of them, then you can sell them later for a good bit of money. One way to take care of your stamps is to keep them in a plastic cover in a book.

Some of the stamps that could be worth money at some point are those with Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and other famous actors and singers. You can check the value of the stamps that you get by going online. Reasons to collect stamps are because of the fun images that you can find and that some of them tell a story about an event that has taken place. You can collect stamps based on the color, type or topic. Post offices often sell sheets of stamps if you want to collect a certain design that has recently been released.

By Ryan