There are many artifacts of Chinese culture that people enjoy collecting and putting on display in their homes. With butterfly knives, collecting Chinese art goes hand-in-hand with learning sacred elements of the Chinese martial arts. There are many exciting reasons for you to start your collection of knives from vendors such as SwordsSwords and enjoy a little bit of Chinese history.

Fine Art

The craftsmanship that goes into the blades and handles of these knives has been passed down for centuries. You can collect knives that have beautiful and intricate handles, or you can go for the designs that are more practical. A diverse knife collection is something that has a bit of interest for everyone and can be a great conversation piece.

Using The Knives

Not only do the knives look like art, but using them is an art unto itself. People spend years learning how to safely manipulate these knives and develop amazing hand-eye coordination skills in the process. When you train with these knives, you should always train with a professional who can teach you the safe ways to master this ancient art.


While it is fun to collect these bits of Chinese art, it never hurts to try some newer modifications of these ancient knives. Butterfly can openers and butterfly combs can be fun ways to get things done around the house while you practice your knife skills without injuring yourself. As with all of the other knives in your collection, these novelty knives will be great ways to start conversations and introduce people to your hobby of collecting ancient Chinese artifacts.

Knife Care

A big part of owning a collection of these knives is knowing how to properly care for them. Discipline is a major part of the martial arts and it takes discipline to remember to care for your knives on a regular basis. By caring properly for your knives, you will extend the life of your collection and keep your knives safe for training and use.

Collecting Chinese knives serves a variety of purposes. Not only does a collection of these artistic knives look great on the wall of your favorite room, but these are also instruments of discipline that you can use to enhance your skills. You can also add a few novelty knives to create a collection that will give you and your visitors plenty to talk about.

By Ryan