Getting a thoughtful token for a job well done might not seem much, but the little gestures of gratitude really go a long way. It doesn’t matter if you are a person of above average wealth,  or one of the many blue-collar workers in the country; any gift, as long as it is given with genuine sentiments alongside it, is a heartwarming gesture.

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Just as we pay a little tribute to our esteemed kings and queens of the road in a previous post, we should also tip our hats to the men and women who work to build (literally) our roads, bridges, houses, and buildings: the humble construction workers and heavy machine operators.

Here are a few ideas for gift giving when you have a friend or relative from a construction background. Of course, people are more than their jobs, but if giving a themed gift could possibly give them a positive perspective on their occupation, then all the better!

Hard Hat Beer Holder

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First of all, these are not supposed to be substitutes to their actual work hats. Getting liquored up onsite is a big no-no! This is obviously for off-hours, ball game, barbecue picnic, and home use, when you still want to protect yourself from heavy flying or falling objects. If you’re feeling extra-generous, you could throw in a case of their favorite canned beverage.


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I believe that nobody is too old to be creative, and Lego blocks are probably one of the easiest and best ways to express your desire to create something elaborate and beautiful out of simpler materials, something people in the construction industry are very familiar with. Yes, they demolish things too, and you can do that with your most recent Lego creation, only to make something new from the rubble of blocks. Don’t worry about the age category of the blocks, determine if your friend is a simple builder or a highly technical one; that’ll be your guide to choosing what kind and complexity of Lego blocks you should get him/her.

IKEA Furniture

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Since they have a knack for building things, I’m sure they won’t mind getting a piece of furniture that’s literally in pieces. To be fair, IKEA stuff is relatively good quality; just don’t expect that it can support extreme heavyweights. If the person you’re going to give furniture to is on the husky side, you can always go for the more stable and durable designs rather than the slim-looking elegant ones.

Handtrux Backhoe Claw

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Again, nobody is too old to play with toys. When you’re at the beach with some nice, fine sand, you might as well be nine years old all over again. This particular toy will definitely add to the fun, and you’ll be able to dig out more sand than with just your hands or pails. It’s also 99% likely that after wearing these and clawing at sand for at least two minutes, you’ll also start making amusing childish engine sounds.

Stay young forever, and happy gift giving!

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