As a woman, I’m known to be very traditional when it comes to dating guys. While most women nowadays drool and worship guys like Edward from the Twilight series (shudder), I like to date with traditional guys. And when I say traditional guys, I like them tall, strong and rugged.


Don’t get me wrong; I would want my date to smell good and look really neat and all. I just want them to appear like a real man. My ideal image of a traditional man would be someone like James Dean or Roger Moore. A guy who values the importance of hard work, facial hair and treating the ladies right. I’m someone who loves the idea of getting married someday to a gruff, yet dependable and loving man who loves sporting a full beard and moustache. I guess it has something to do with my Dad, who refuses to leave his traditional manly ways just because he sees most of his neighbors adopting what seems to be the age of modern men.

According to dating websites and experts, a lot of women lose interest in a man because of their inability to think and decide for themselves. I blame one simple dating advice that I always see in dating websites and magazines everywhere. The dating advice goes like this:

"Try to be inside the mind of a woman. Be good friends with girls and learn how they choose the winners from the losers. This way, you’ll learn their secrets and be able to tune your own self when asking the girl of your dreams out on a date."

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that this dating advice is one big lie. Take a good look at the advice and you’ll realize that a guy has to pretend something he’s not in order to score a date with a girl. I hate to disappoint a lot of guys out there but a woman needs a REAL MAN in her life. And a real man is someone who knows who he is and is not afraid to go on a date with a girl sporting a beer shirt and jeans. Well, if a guy does manage to go out with a girl using this approach, the woman will easily identify that his whole persona while he was asking her out was a big lie and that is such a big turn-off.

If you want to go out on a date with the girl of your dreams, then show her how much of a hunk you are. Get to know her first and show her how dependable, trustworthy, and manly you are. Even in this age, a woman will always fall for a man who isn’t afraid to show her his true self. And take note guys; only a REAL man can do such a thing. In the past, men do not hesitate to fight in order to protect their loved ones, which is one reason why most men value physical strength back in the day.

Wearing the right clothes ain’t that much of an issue with the traditional man. Back then, most men would wear casual and comfortable clothes. During the 1950’s, men would wear sharp fedora hats and expensive suits that would make women turn around in hunger. The idea of wearing a suit during a date is perfect, because if you’ve been working out, it shows off your manly physique and charm. Throw away the baggy pants and oversized jeans; you look like an kid instead of a real man.

If you don’t have a suit, here’s one good advice for you: Beer t-shirts. Why do I emphasize beer t-shirts so much? It’s because they’re comfortable to wear. Plus, it showcases a man’s favorite liquor, which is beer. Pick a good beer t-shirt with the brand name of a distinguished brewing company or you could also pick a shirt that has a good beer joke on it. Wearing comfortable jeans and neat shoes should suffice. Just wear something that you’d feel comfortable in, but please don’t overdo it.

Last but not the least, treat her right. Make her feel like your princess. Tell jokes and stories about your everyday life. Whether or not the date goes perfectly, remember to be courteous and accomodating. Always remember that it takes a greal man to be able to treat the woman he likes with utmost respect.

About the Author

Jessica Greenberg is an avid blogger from San Diego, California. During her day-offs, she prefers to stay in her house while updating, a blog that she keeps together with her friends.