The winter is not the favorite season for drivers because it is cold and if it snows you may have problems.

Being caught in a winter night in your car, without being able to pull the car from snow mustn’t be a nightmare scenario. You will have to get and keep in your car some useful gadgets. And these gadgets can make good gifts for drivers in the winter.

The first useful gadget to have in a car is a quality flashlight. It will give you the ability to face darkness.

My favorite is a 16 LED Aluminium Torch because it provides a lot of light and it is compact and easy to carry.

16 LED Aluminium Torch

The second useful thing to have in the car is a telescopic snow shovel. This is very useful to get  the car our of the snow.

telescopic snow shovel

Another useful thing to keep I the car in winter time is a blanket. If will prove very useful if you have problems with he car.

These devices are for do it yourself jobs, but most people prefer to have car breakdown cover.