If there was any definitive proof that we as humans love to see our names printed on our products, it was the 2013 ‘Share a Coke’ campaign from Coca Cola. The soft drinks company swapped their iconic branding for its customers names, and allowed them to purchase personalised bottles too. The effects were massive. With 998 million impressions on Twitter, 235,000 tweets from 111,000 fans using the #ShareaCoke hashtag and more than 150 million personalised bottles sold. The campaign won 12 awards at the Cannes Lions.

The Personalized Gifts Are The Best 3

Image source Pixabay

The fascination with personalisation doesn’t stop with fizzy drinks. In 2015, it was predicted that consumers would spend a total of £1 billion on customised gifts. The research also found that the average spend for each gift was £36 and 53% of those interviewed had personalised a gift in the last year. Clearly, going the extra mile is by no means a rare thing.

With people across the UK and world over investing more time and money in the personalised present business than ever before, it’s not too difficult to figure out why.

A personalised product shows to the receiver that their loved one didn’t just waltz into the nearest mall to shop for your gift – it had to be especially made. In fact, 56% of personalised gift receivers in the US thought this meant the giver wanted them to feel special, and 52% thought they had put more time into the gift itself. That extra effort gives its receiver all kinds of warm, fuzzy feelings, because after all, they must be as special and unique as the gift themselves for someone to go to such lengths.

Moreover, a personalised gift guarantees its uniqueness and you don’t run the risk of buying the same gift as someone else.

Still lost as to where to find the best in personalised gifts? Check out our top 6 spots for finding presents with more heart below:

My Own Stationery specialises in customisable notebooks. Upload a photo, a design or play with the different shades and text options the in-site to create something truly unique for a loved one, or in bigger quantities, to give your business or office personalised flare.

Customise a mug for your favourite coffee addict. Never again will there be confusion over which cup is theirs in the office. This handy online seller also has cool options such as heat change and travel to-go mugs, if you weren’t interested in your standard coffee cup.

Mark the sky for a loved one by naming a star after them. This particular company sells only visible stars, and sends you a star chart for easy sky navigation, too.

Has your best friend got a favourite song? Or do you have a recording of the two of you laughing like crazy people? Mix Pixie creates personalised prints, cards and t shirts of your sound waves for something truly unique.

  • Rustic Country Crafts

Crafted from locally sourced materials, Rustic Country Crafts specialises in personalised cushions. Cozy and cute, they have a range of templates, from wedding gifts to family trees.

A pricier option perhaps, but a gift they can use everyday, the Cambridge Satchel Company offers an embossing service for their premium leather satchels. Make this iconic bag truly unique with their initials and maybe even a symbol.

By Laura Fulton