We all have that one friend who just enjoys doing exercises and being active. They don’t mind getting up early to go jogging or spending every other evening at the gym. We admire them for that. These sports types of people also usually enjoy getting presents that will make their training easier or more fun. As not many of us is that into buying sports equipment, sometimes it’s hard to get the right idea on what would be a great and thoughtful gift for your athletic friend. So, check out these suggestions:

1. Bluetooth headphones

Best Gifts For Fitness Enthusiasts 3

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Most people like listening to music while they’re training. It helps them block all the surrounding noises and concentrate on what they’re doing. High-quality headphones that make them feel they’re alone on the trail will really be useful to them. What’s more, Bluetooth headphones allow them to control the music volume, take calls and change the music – no need for them to look at their iPhone.

2. Travel yoga mat

People who practice yoga tend to do it anywhere, even if they are on holiday. Doing yoga is a usual part of their day, so make their packing easier with a travel yoga mat. This type of yoga mat is very light, easy to fold and put in a suitcase of any size. Your friend will love it!

3. Backpack

A practical back pack is always a good choice. You just need to know what a good backpack has to offer. It should be made of heavy-duty nylon, so it won’t rip that easily. It should also have a lot of pockets of different sizes, enough for tissues, bandages and gym clothes. And it should be big enough for a laptop. There are some cool backpacks that have a temperature-controlled spot for keeping snacks after a hard workout. That’s something any active person really appreciates.

4. Heart-rate monitor

An excellent choice for all those who do high-intensive workouts. They would like to keep the number of their calories burning and also to be able to check their fitness progress throughout a longer period. And it also warns them when it’s time to ease on a bit.

5. Smart scale

For those who check their progress in great detail, a smart scale such as Fitbit Aria is a really helpful thing. This scale not only measures your weight but it also weighs your body mass index. The only thing you need to be careful about – watch out whom you’re giving it!

6. Home-based treadmill

It’s cool having your own treadmill, so you can get on it whenever you have the chance. But, in case you really want to excite your friend, buy them Woodway Curve – they can’t actually fall off this treadmill because they are actually powering it on their own. No motor in the treadmill, just the strength of their own legs, controlling the speed. A nice touch is the curved base of the treadmill, which makes a person feel like they’re running uphill, making their lower-body muscles work harder than usual.

7. Bike accessories

Some fitness enthusiasts enjoy outdoor activities. Cycling is one of the most popular outdoor activities, so there are numerous accessories useful to people who are always on a bike. To choose the right gadget for bicycles, online bike accessories can be of great help. For example, Smartphone bike mount not only allows the rider to navigate themselves, but also to record their ride using their camera. Also, a bike survival kit is a pretty useful gift, don’t you think? A seat bag, mini pump, bottle cage and tire lever are what every cyclist needs.

8. Recycled fabric sneakers

What’s better for a gift than a nice pair of sneakers for jogging lovers? A pair of recycled fabric sneakers! They are so light that the runner won’t even feel they’re wearing it! The upper part of the sneakers is made of 95% recycled PET plastic bottles, which means not only you care about your friend’s feet; you also care about the environment.

9. Dumbbells

People enjoying a hard workout at the gym will really appreciate dumbbells. It’s possible to adjust them from 5 to 60 pounds. What’s better, there is a built-in accelerometer that warns you if the workout is not being performed properly. Also, a smartphone app keeps the number of reps and offers a detailed video coaching, which helps to build the right posture.

10. Swing analyzer

People who enjoy team sports will definitely have use of a swing analyzer. Used for softball and baseball mostly, it can be put onto any kind of bat and provide information on how to actually improve the swing. The great thing is that it can also be used for practicing tennis swing.

By Chloe Smith