A well-coordinated outfit makes a statement when out with friends. Full wardrobe coordination includes matching all of your accessories with the outfit. For some, this is what takes the most time when getting ready for a night out. These tips will help you have a complete outfit that makes sense.

Pick a base color

It is a good idea to start with one color to base the entire off of. This helps the selection process a little easier, unless you go with a shade like black. Black has literally hundreds of combinations since it matches everything.

Select a color that enhances your eye color and one that highlights your glowing skin tone at the same time.

Select a pattern

Whether you choose a pattern or a solid color, make sure it is not too busy. Mixing patterns often leads to style confusion, so stick with just a single pattern. The trick with patterns is finding accessories to match the lines or movement with the pattern. Line patterns work well with modern, straight-line accessories. Using curved or circular shaped accessories makes the outfit too busy as a whole.


Using the right accessories can make or break an outfit. Unless you are wearing black, match your accessories to one of the main colors of your outfit. While you do not want your accessories to blend in too much, it would look off if the colors contrasted too much. Now, if you plan to wear a top that shows part of your midsection and have a bellybutton piercing, the jewelry in the bellybutton matters too. When using gemstone belly button rings, coordinate the color of the gemstone with the main color of your outfit, again unless it is black.

Use Matching Finishes

This may sound like something you do when completing a home renovation, but it works just the same when building an outfit. The finishes of all of your accessories should match all of the finishes on your clothing as well. If you are wearing strappy heels and have a belt on, the metal finishes should be the same for cohesion.

Everyone has their own style. Some are mishmashes of multiple styles and it works together rather well. Whatever your style, take the time to really think about your outfits. If you feel uncomfortable or like something just does not seem right, look in the mirror and see what seems out of place and make the necessary changes.

By Ryan