For any young family which is interested in a fun games console, you can’t get much better than the Nintendo Wii. Quite simply the Wii has taken gaming to a new market by creating an interface which allows everybody to join in.


It’s not surprising that this console has become a massive success amongst families, but what are the best games to get for maximum family fun? Here’s our pick of the top 5.

Wii Fit

This game might sound a bit dull, especially to young children, but it is actually surprisingly entertaining for everybody and it will get you working up a good sweat if you go for it. Another plus of course is the balance board, which is worth the cost in it’s own right.

The game actually offers several mini games and let’s you track your fitness, which is great fun for competitive families and offers practical benefits for adults who want to get fitter.

Big Brain Academy

Like Wii fit for your brain. This is obviously a great choice simply because it gets everyone learning in a fun way. It is challenging enough to keep the parents entertained but simple enough to be accessible for kids too.

You might be surprised just how much fun the little puzzle games can be, and if it entertains your kids at the same time as improving their mental agility, what more could you hope for?

Carnival Games

This isn’t a brilliant game by any stretch, but for simple family fun it is a good way to spend some time. The games are simple and varied, so it is handy for social occassions too, or just for something to do when the weather’s bad.

This is actually a good game to rent from a game rental site if you have the option, since it probably doesn’t have the life span to warrant purchasing, but it is certainly good entertainment for a long weekend.

Mario Party 8

More mini games, this time with the ever popular Mario showing his face. Not much to say really, but this game offers a good selection of fun games to entertain the whole family.

Probably more geared toward kids than adults (in my opinion at least) but it’s still good fun and our kids seem to love it at any rate.

Mario Kart

This game really doesn’t need much explanation, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave it off the list. It’s a classic and the Wii version lives up to the legacy. I would recommend getting some cheap steering wheel accessories for increased playability.